C is for Carnet de Passage

C is for Carnet de Passage

Across the world, driving a car from a foreign country to another requires the payment of tax and duties. However, just like you can purchase ‘duty free’ goods when flying internationally (with all the associated rules), you can do the same for cars. A carnet de passage is a form of certification to prove we’re only ‘temporarily’ importing the vehicle to transit through the country, therefore forgoing the need to pay import tax and duties (as it is technically paid for in the home country).  For all the countries we’re driving through, it seems that Iran is the only one requiring a carnet for our journey.  Let’s hope we can get one!

To get an idea of how much it costs, going through your national or state Automobile Association (the RAC – Royal Automobile Club in the UK), the cost is broken down into:

  • The cost of the documentation (basically a passport for the car).  Like passports, the cost is determined by how many pages you want.. so 5 pages for £190.00
  • Next is the deposit which is 100% refundable if the carnet is stamped and returned to the country of origin within the agreed time period- £350.00
  • Last is Indemnity Insurance Security Fee, which is 10% of the value of the car multiplied by the country-specific security rate.  for Iran, the rate is 500%, so really, we have to pay 50% of the value of our vehicle.  Of this fee, 50% is refundable upon the vehicle’s return to the country of origin.

Sounds expensive? It sure is! And is really is a pain that the only country requiring a carnet is Iran… Is there a way around it?

Well, you can get a carnet at the border and you can ‘expedite’ it through the services of this guy here. We went with Hossein and had a trouble free entry into the country!