B is for Border Conflicts

B is for Border Conflicts

B is for...

B is for…

Border Conflicts:  When you tell people that you’re planning on travelling through Chechnya or Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan etc. the first question in usually “Is that safe?”


If you’ve been following our Twitter feed, there have been heaps of stories about extremists targeting Sochi (near Chechnya) and border conflicts between all of the ‘stans and their neighbouring countries.  Most of these incidents are due to the known and active drug and illegal trading that takes place in the region, or unsettled boundaries since the break up of the Soviet Union.  Put oil and gas reserves into the picture and you have border disputes left, right and centre (literally centre, with a portion of Tajikistan actually being totally surrounded and within Kyrgyzstan (Konibodom District).


So it’s quite clear that these things are no myth, that they do actually happen, but bear in mind that the targets of these raids, for the most part, are not foreign tourists.   Therefore, fingers crossed we don’t get caught in any crossfire and that any conflicts which may be brewing the winter months will thaw out by the time summer comes around!  In the meantime, we’ll be monitoring the news channels and of course, smartraveller.gov.au