A is for Accommodation

A is for Accommodation

Or lack of it. Though they say some ralliers book 5-star hotels, others who are corporate big-wigs in their second life redeem their millions of frequent-flyer points along the way or even the few who stay with friends along the whole route, most ralliers sleep in their cars.  This would be fine if there was plenty of room to stretch out and sleep, but the image of three guys in a 3-door Micra snoring on the side of the road doesn’t sound very accommodating at all! Unfortunately/fortunately, this may be the reality we will be facing, unless of course we are able to pitch a tent or enjoy the luxuries of an central asian hostel.  Let’s just hope any ‘hotels’ along the way aren’t also ‘butcheries’ as was observed in Ben’s trip to Kenya in 2008.


Hotel and Butchery No.1

Hopefully we don’t have to stay at the Butchery. Saw anyone?

Hotel and Butchery 2

Seems like the combination is more common than I thought?

Hotel and Butchery 3

Ok, it’s nearly dark, we’re in the middle of no where, so where are going to stay?… Indefinitely late checkout available? Sold!