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Mongol Rally 2014

What’s All This?


Legend has it that the first Mongol Rally took place around 5000-3000 BC.

4 brave Village Champions kidnapped the fair Princess of Mesopotamia, and stuck her in a litter, with the aim of traversing as much land as they could before they were caught. The chase was on, and after 6 long weeks, they were finally caught.

The story became a legend, and eventually evolved into what’s known today as The Mongol Rally…

That story may or may not have happened… but it might as well have, for the spirit of The Mongol Rally rings true!

The “official” Mongol Rally has been around since 2004, peddling adventure to whoever dares to take up the challenge. The rules are simple: get a vehicle so terrible that even your dog would be embarrassed to ride in – and drive from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, a journey of just over 15,000 km.

How and when you get there is entirely up to you (although we would prefer to make it for the end of the race celebrations). It’s an insane journey of self discovery, new experiences and testing the limits of the modern day human! No trophy, and no prize money at the end. Just a skinful of scars, a headful of stories and a chestful of pride to show for.

Also, we will be using the opportunity to raise as much money as we can for two charities “Cool Earth”- halting rainforest destruction and “Legacy” care for Australian families suffering after the incapacitation or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service.

Meet the Team

Team Skills










What’s A Raven Shoe?



Located at the highest point in Queensland, is a town called Ravenshoe, one of Ben’s favourite destinations to bring visitors to. It’s also home to Queensland’s highest pub (Hotel Tully Falls) and a bakery with really nice meat pies and jam and cream buns.

Ben brought Gary there on a tour once and everything was great until Ben pronounces the name of the place…”Ravens-hoe”.

Maybe it was the altitude, maybe it was the meat pies, but Gary insisted that the correct pronunciation was “Raven-shoe”. Til this day, the debate rages on (Ben was right of course).

But to remind us to set aside differences (and to remember to never feed Gary too many meat pies) we decided that our official Mongol Rally team name will be Raven Shoe.

The Plan

 The Route



We’ve broken down the journey into 4 parts. Each has possible detours and places of interest.

London to Vienna
Vienna to Ankara
Ankara to Bukhara
Bukhara to Mongolia

The Vehicle

Car-FrontCar-RHSMeet Takhi the Micra.

“Takhi” being the Mongolian word used to describe a particular breed of wild horse native to Mongolia. Takhis are stockier and shorter than most breeds and have a red tinge to their skin.

They are considered the only remaining truly wild horse in the world today.

Much like the horse, Takhi the Micra was born to be in the wild. She has lived most of her life as domestic transport for an old lady in uptown London. But we found her and is giving her a new lease on life…to join us in one final glorious battle against the harsh elements and brutal terrain!

Takhi, don’t let us down, mate!

Our Supporters

Thanks very much to all of our supporters who are doing what they can to get us on our way to Mongolia! As more (hopefully) sign on, their contributions are listed below:

Owl and Lion logo

The Owl and Lion is helping us source and print our team t-shirts and merchandise at a highly discounted rate! Thanks very much guys.


Big thank you to for supplying us with super fine detailed team logo patches! We will sew these babies on EVERYTHING!



If you are interested in supporting our team financially or in kind, drop us a line below!

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